What is FF in chat?

What is FF in chat?
Observe Friday What is #FF? It means Observe Friday on social media. An acronym or abbreviation used in texting, on-line chat, prompt messaging, e-mail, blogs, and newsgroup postings, it is a type of on-line jargon or textual content message shorthand.


Accordingly, what does FF imply in textual content?

Last Fantasy

Additionally Know, what is FF on social media? #FF is a hashtag that is usually used on Twitter and different social media. It means: Observe Friday.

Additionally, what is FF stand for?

Observe Friday

What does FF imply in Instagram?

Jessica Widjaja, Makes use of Instagram for six years. Answered Jul 15, 2018. It stands for “Observe for observe.” When anyone says this, it signifies that the individual needs you to observe them in alternate for a observe again.

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Does FF imply following?

The “and following” sense is quick for “folios following” (although if learn aloud, it ought to be learn as “and following”). The “folios” that observe could be pages, paragraphs, Bible verses, or different sections of written materials.

What is FF imply in LoL?

ff = forfeit = to surrender, give up.

What does FF imply on twitter?

Observe Friday

What does DM imply sexually?

DM stands for direct message, or a personal message with an individual on social media, particularly Twitter.

What does NPR stand for in social media?

Nationwide Public Radio (NPR, stylized as npr) is a privately and publicly funded American non-profit membership media group primarily based in Washington, D.C. NPR differs from different non-profit membership media organizations, akin to AP, in that it was established by an act of Congress and most of its member stations are

What does abbreviation FF imply?

In a bit of music, ff. is a written abbreviation for fortissimo.

What does FT imply on Snapchat?

HMU means “Hit me up” FT stands for FaceTime.

What does SM imply in textual content?

On-line, SM, or sm, can stand for a lot (e.g, I like you sm).

What does 3 imply in texting?

<3. Which means “sideways coronary heart” (love, friendship)

What does W imply in textual content?

W/ means “With” So now you already know – W/ means “With” – do not thank us. YW! What does W/ imply? W/ is an acronym, abbreviation or slang phrase that is defined above the place the W/ definition is given.

What does NPR imply in texting?

So now you already know – NPR means “Nationwide Public Radio” or “No Buy Required” – do not thank us. YW!

What does OG imply?

What does OG imply? Based on City Dictionary’s hottest definition, OG is a easy abbreviation that “used to imply Authentic Gangster.” It has since been additional co-opted to imply merely “unique.” City Dictionary.

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